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Cat Grooming: 

Regular Groom: Bath and cool air dried, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim,  $75

Lion Cut: Always includes: Bath, Ears, Nails. Eliminates Shedding, Hairballs, Mats, Dander. This trim is shaved very close to the skin on the body, belly and chest, leaving hair on the legs, around the cat’s head and leaving 2/3 -1/3 of the tail. Prices vary according to condition of fur and if there is heavy matting.

Natural Haircut/ Fur Style:  This keeps your long hair cat's coat natural without cutting into their coat & colors.  This will maintain your cat's natural beauty & remove all unwanted oil, trapped dander & dead fur from building up in their coat. A belly shave can remove even more fur and eliminate problem areas without being visible. Includes: Bath, Ears, Nails, Shave mats, Sanitary/ Belly Shave. Prices vary according to condition of fur and if there is heavy matting.

Our Mobile Grooming Service provides a convenient and stress-free alternative to shop grooming.

Our Mobile Groomer is trained in grooming pets of all sizes and breeds, as well as cats. We are pet CPR/First aid certified, Internationally Accredited, as well as AKC certified in Safety in the Salon.

Our Mobile Grooming Service requires at least 2 parking lengths for parking. It is fully insulated and has a water heated to provide a warm bath year round for your cat.

Our Mobile Grooming Services caters to your cat’s special needs. With our one-on-one service we are able to customize each pets grooming experience. Whether your pet has anxiety or special needs, our groomer will do it’s best to make each grooming enjoyable. We offer an environment that is cage-free with no other pets around. Your fur-babies can enjoy their spa day without leaving the comfort of their own yard or the stress of other pets barking.


Conditions such as matting and the presence of fleas affect the pricing and length of the appointment and will result in additional charges. All final prices for cats are dependent on condition of the fur and if any de-matting is needed.

Any no shows will result in a $45 fee due before rescheduling.

For cats, we use an air muzzle for the pet’s safety as well as ours.

Cats must be brought to the mobile grooming van in a cat carrier. 

Cats will be returned to your door in the cat carrier when the groom is finished. Our Mobile Grooming Service does not allow you to stay in the van while your pet is being groomed.