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Diabetic Pet Care

So, you just got news from the vet. Your fuzzy darling has diabetes! Insulin shots, blood testing, sugar values, infections. Take a deep breath and relax; we are here to help you. Cat or Dog diabetes is a treatable, manageable condition. You can maintain your sanity, your pet's health, and have a specialized pet sitter all on a reasonable budget! We understand it is more than just giving a shot once or twice a day. You don't "shake" the insulin, you "roll" it. We know there are several types of insulin - Humilin U, Humilin N, Humilin R, Vetulin. There is a time window you can "play with" of when the shot is given, different locations you can give the injection and how to properly measure the insulin. Our pet professionals will meet with you for a consultation prior to services to make sure we correctly understand what your pet needs.