Mobile Grooming Services

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Our Mobile Grooming Services, provided by an Internationally Accredited Groomer, who is also Pet First Aid and CPR Certified, provides the solution to the aggravation of driving and waiting for your pet's groom to be finished. This service allows you to stay in the comforts of your home and is wonderful for pets who do not like car rides. Our service greatly helps maintain your pet's health and wellness and is a treat for your pet to enjoy being pampered. We would love to be your go-to grooming service whenever your pet is in need.  We offer one-on-one personal service for you and your pet as well as contactless grooming upon request.  

Benefits of Mobile Grooming Service:

Our Groomer comes to you! 

Sparkling Clean: Our mobile grooming spa is cleaned thoroughly between dogs and visits.

Self-sufficient groom at your doorstep: We do not use your electricity or water. The mobile grooming van is completely self sufficient.

Individual Attention:  Grooming includes time for the groomer to get to know your pet before the styling begins. Your groomer will work with you to select a look that works for both you and your dog.

A long term relationship: I take pride in my work and caring for your pet and making them look and feel their best.

To schedule an appointment, please call (908) 319-3324 or complete this Mobile Grooming Request Form

Policies & Pricing: Estimates (range of cost) can be given over the phone, but definite quotes must be given by the groomer in person when first meeting and observing your pet. Final price is determined by the size of the dog, and by visually inspecting condition of the coat, as well as your pet’s behavior.

Sending a current picture of your pet will help us in determining the estimated total grooming cost, as well as answers to the following questions, such as: “When was the last time your pet was professionally groomed”, “Where do you reside”, “What are the ages and weights of your pets” “Does your pet have matted fur”. In summary, the answers to these questions can be very helpful in determining your rough estimated pricing.

Full grooming sessions begin around $75 and up. Please remember, this pricing is for pets that are currently in “good condition” and quoting over the phone is also to be assumed as a representative for a pet that is currently in “good condition”. If we arrive at your location and your pet is matted or has behavioral issues, then we do reserve the full right to charge an additional cost as being added on to the pre-quoted “normal grooming session”. We will inform you by phone at least one half hour upon entering the grooming session if we notice that these factors are present.

*As of 7/10/21, our fee structure has changed. We no longer will be providing the “Bath and Tidy Service. All dogs will be weighed before the groom is started. Estimates (range of cost) can be given over the phone, but definite quotes must be given by the groomer in person when first meeting and observing your pet. Final price is determined by the size of the dog, visually inspecting condition of the coat and your pet’s behavior.

*Pets that are matted. If more than 25% of dog's body is matted, we recommend a shavedown, especially if the pet has not been groomed at regular intervals and the dog has not been regularly brushed. We understand that many dogs have had to forego grooming due to Covid-19. Matting restricts blood flow to the skin and causes the dog to be in pain. Often, this causes pain, stress and fear aggression when the dog is touched in matted areas. The kindest thing you can do for your pet to stop the pain and help the overall health of the pet's skin and coat is to do a shavedown. Your dog will be much happier and pain-free. ​Conditions such as matting affect the pricing and length of the appointment and will result in additional charges. All final prices are dependent on pet’s size, de-matting, as well as additional services requested. We will do an evaluation upon meeting the pet and discuss with the owner what the best option would be for the pet. If the groomer recommends a shavedown due to matting and you do not agree, the groomer reserves the full right to decline the groom. Should your dog be extensively matted, the best option is to have the pet "shaved down" and create a plan going forward, where the owner recognizes the importance of regular maintenance (brushing/combing) with proper techniques. When this plan is implemented, the owner can have the stylized, trim of their choice in future grooms. AND, if you reschedule your pet at regular intervals, i.e. 4, 6, 8 weeks, (2 month maximum), your pet’s groom will be charged at the “good condition” pricing. 

*Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of severe weather.

I take my business and the care of your pets very serious. I love what I do by grooming one pet at a time and giving each pet individualized care.  I value your time and the time I dedicate to each pet and making them look and feel their best. I don’t believe in cage-drying pets and all pets are hand dried with a cool air HV dryer or pet dryer. ​