Pet Sitting Attendant

No Worries Pet Sitting LLC Po Box 20644, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002
Imagine your pet, your feline or canine family member, walking down 
the aisle with you at your wedding or hosting your next party with your
pet in your home. With our service you wouldn't have to worry about
taking your dog for walks, guests feeding your pet party food or guests leaving the back door open so your pet might escape!

With our Pet Sitting Attendant Service, you can hire us to watch over your dog at your next wedding, party, special event, or family get-together.Call us today for more details on this wonderful service! We can provide you with a complete estimate for service.This service includes:

Watching over your pet's safety during the event.
Taking your dog out for walks so you and your guests don't have to.
Making sure your pet isn't fed human food or alchoholic beverages.
Feeding and medicating your pet. 
Transport pets to and from your rehearsal and wedding.'
Dress your pets.
Supervise and care for your pets throughout the event.
Accompany your pets to your wedding photos.
Assist with your pets wedding role.
Take photos of your pets for your wedding album.
Bathe your pets.Provide walks, potty breaks, feeding, and watering.
​Bag and dispose of all pet waste.