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Pet First Aid and CPR

Hosted by No Worries Pet Sitting

What will I learn?
You’ll learn emergency skills such as what to do if your pet has a seizure, suffers an electric shock, is injured in a car accident or ingests poison. You’ll also be trained to administer CPR if your pet stops breathing. You’ll be able to assess a pet’s vitals, bandage wounds, administer medication and restrain an injured pet; how to tell whether your pet is choking, having a seizure or suffering from some other issue; as well as how to deal with more common injuries such as a wound to your dog’s paw pad. 

When: Sunday, July 26, 2015, 12pm to 3:30
Where: Greenbriar Community Center, 63A Greenbriar Drive N., Bath, PA 18014
Located at the community center at Greenbriar Village.
Cost: $50 payable to Safety Training Associates
RSVP: By June 27, Check payable to Safety Training Associates mailed to No Worries Pet Sitting, PO Box 20644, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002 by 6/27/15. Class is capped at 20 participants. Registration confirmed when check received.