Our services include caring for all types of pets: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pocket pets.

​Housebreaking: We will help maintain a proper housebreaking routine with a consistent and reliable schedule. You decide on the technique and we will follow your lead.

Companionship: As with any of our No Worries Pet Sitting Pet Sitters - Your pet receives lots of love and affection from the same pet sitter every time.

Practicing Commands: We do our best to follow your lead with your puppy's training. We help reinforce good behavior and proper etiquette by praticing commands such as "sit", "down", and "stay".

Choose your time increment: 30, 45, or 60 minute. For dog walks, visit our page on
dog walking services.

Our checklist includes:
Bring in mail, newspapers and packages.
Houseplants watered.
Adjusting blinds, lights, tv, radio.
Taking care of trash and recycling.
​Walking, feeding, play-time and exercise.
Litterbox and pet related accident cleanup. 
Do a safety check of your home.
Refreshing your pet's water.
​Lots of love, hugs, and kisses for your best friend! Giving treats - if allowed.

As a busy dog or cat owner (or “pet parent” as we like to call ourselves), you might feel guilty about leaving your beloved pet at home all day while you’re at work, running errands or even going out for a night. In a perfect world, you’d work in a dog friendly office and every store and restaurant in the area would allow your little buddy inside. How do you find a happy medium between being an independent adult and a responsible pet owner?    
​ ​
​Our service is a great solution that will give your pets all the exercise and attention they need; and gives you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer the best of both worlds; the freedom of being able to leave the house without your pet, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is comfortable and happy while you’re out on the town. If your beloved dog is cooped up at home all day - with nowhere to run, nothing to sniff, anxiously waiting for your return from work? With No Worries Pet Sitting, rain or shine, your dog can enjoy a refreshing walk with all the sniffing he desires to keep him physically and mentally happy. Your pet sitter will tailor you dog's walk to his or her preferences - whether it's a leisurely stroll or a high energy romp. He'll get lots of loving attention and have a great time. Even if your pet just simply needs a potty break during a long work day, we can stop by so your pet doesn't have to cross his legs all day!

​Prices start at $20 per visit. We offer a free consultation where we will discuss personalized needs for your pet as well as the routine you'd like us to follow for care, and we will provide an estimate in writing for the costs of visits. 

Pet Sitting Services

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